Monday, May 24, 2010

Something I didn't know about Igor Stravinsky

Stravinsky was arrested in 1940 in Boston for tampering with public property.
His crime? Writing this beautiful arrangement of the Star Spangled Banner, using an unconventional major seventh chord.


But he deserved to be beaten and incarcerated anyway for composing "Rite of Spring". (IMHO)


"I despise mountains," Stravinsky declared contemptuously, "they don’t tell me anything."
-Life [magazine]

Stravinsky looks upon the mountain,
The mountain looks on him;
They look (the mountain and Stravinsky)
And both their views are dim.
"You bore me, mountain," says Stravinsky,
"I find you dull, and I
Despise you!" Says the mountain:
"Stravinsky, tell me why."
Stravinsky bellows at the mountain
And near-by valleys ring:
"You don’t confide in me -- Stravinsky!
You never tell me anything!"
The hill is still before Stravinsky.
The skies in silence glisten.
At last, a rumble, then the mountain:
"Igor, you never listen."

-- John Updike

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