Saturday, February 20, 2010

Math education fail

From The Buffalo News

At a recent informational meeting, the Amherst School District reaffirmed its support for the way children are schooled in math. The meeting was held, partially, in response to a small but growing number of concerned parents who question the 2005 decision to use the controversial Math Investigations Curriculum as the framework for elementary math. Apparently, parents are so confused by math homework that the district has sent home a parent math book to further inform them on how to do K-5 math.

Interaction was limited to a handful of prescreened questions. Parents distributing information that questioned the preachy salesman were swiftly confronted by district administrators in a bizarre fashion, who reminded parents that such heresy was inappropriate at an informational meeting.

This is going on all over the country. Meanwhile, others are beginning to discover the efficacy of the Singapore Math system.

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